Digital assistance project Steps

Digital Assist project Steps:

The design of DomAssist technology is based on a user-centered approach, that is, driven by the needs of future users, the elderly, and their social circle, a formal caregiver and a family caregiver.

This process includes the following four steps:

Step 1:

Needs analysis in areas sensitive to the effects of aging (day-to-day activities, personal and home safety, social connection) and diagnosis of the skills involved (cognitive, physical, technological, etc.);

Step 2 :

Writing a specification . Identification of desired objectives and compensatory or assistance strategies to be implemented, directly inspired by clinical research;

Step 3 :

Develop Support Applications . A catalog of customizable applications according to the users ‘profiles (according to their level of autonomy) and the needs of carers’ missions. This catalog contains a set of accessible applications, in the spirit of ” Stores ” specialized for smartphones. It is powered by an application creation workshop that allows rapid development of support services without a priori limitation of their number. Software development complies with age-friendly ergonomic accessibility standards and technology assessment for older users through acceptability and usability measures;

Step 4:

Evaluation of the benefits for the person, his entourage and the society according to previously defined criteria of success (number of days of hospitalization, well-being and autonomy of the person and his caregivers, etc.)

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