E-Marketing: definition and principles

The e-marketing is a discipline grouping all the marketing and advertising practices to develop the activity of a website.

E-marketing: the four disciplines

The e-marketing is traditionally divided into four categories. These categories may be related to complementary and essential steps for the development of a website .

  1. E-marketing: setting up a strategy

As with traditional marketing, the first activity of e-marketing is to put in place a coherent strategy for a website or any campaign to promote it. The levers of strategic e-marketing are:

2.  E-marketing: the generation of traffic

To develop an activity on the Internet, it is essential that users find your offer and visit your site. To increase your traffic, the e-marketing levers are:

  • Online Advertising (Display)
  • emailing
  • membership
  • The establishment and management of communities on social networks (Community management)
  • Writing traffic generating content
  • Viral marketing (buzz marketing)
  • Partnerships
  • The competitions

3.  E-marketing: the analysis

Once your site has good visibility, optimize interactions with your visitors : make sure there is a maximum of transformations (purchase, subscription to a newsletter, reading articles, collecting emails … ). To do this, we need to use what we call in e-marketing, the Web-Analytics:

  • Visibility analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Analysis of the course of the surfer
  • Sales Analysis

4.  E-marketing: loyalty

As in traditional marketing, a site can not be satisfied that a buyer comes only once on the site. He must come back, keep him loyal!

For this you need to create an interaction with the customers / prospects thanks to the following e-marketing levers:

  • Animation and renewal of the content of the site
  • Loyalty emailing
  • The creation of forums
  • Community building on social networks

E-marketing: the TacTicWEB service:

  • Consult the different educational sheets at your disposal to better understand the different levers of e-marketing
  • Also discover our different e-marketing offers to help you grow your business on the Internet and maximize your return on investment .

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