Far Cry 5 – Best Original Screenplay on ps4

Expected by the fans of the first hour, each episode of the Far Cry series is an event in its own right . In this fifth opus, you will be immersed in Montana, in the United States, and will have to fight a sect of fanatics preaching the end of the world that terrifies the surrounding villages. Accompanied by Boomer, your faithful four-legged companion who will serve as a scout, other allies will join you to fight at your side.

You can select them according to their skills to progress in the game. Thus, the evolution is done in “open world”, ie without level strictly speaking, which leaves the player a freedom of movement almost unlimited. Just like taking control of all the vehicles you’ll come across, like the GTA saga. In addition to cars, pick-ups, trucks and other tractors, planes are appearing for a new game play at the latest Activision. An excellent way to fly over your playground for tracking. Another novelty: the ability to fish. The state of Montana has beautiful lakes and rivers, the developers of Far Cry 5 have not omitted this geographical detail, allowing you to catch many varieties of fish. In addition to the anecdotal aspect, fishing will allow you to get away from the fighting to rest and gain valuable health points.

With sumptuous graphics and an original and very addictive scenario , this fifth episode of Far Cry will delight both novices and fans of the series. The most picky will say that there is no real gameplay revolution. No matter, the crazy spirit of the saga and the beauty of the scenery still make it one of the best ps4 games in its class.

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