Friendly Artificial Intelligence

Have an animal

Artificial intelligence will not soon replace raising a child. But to have an animal? The constant and loyal presence of a furry friend is sometimes what some people need and an artificial companion could even play relaxing music at the same time. most critical aspects of animal intelligence. It’s not only about loyalty: soon, the AI ​​will grow with you and create a lasting bond as its personality evolves before your eyes.

Make, discover and criticize music

Pandora has long since sold to the public the idea that computers can deconstruct a piece of music to extract its different components and then analyze them to find similar music. rammers no longer need to wait for a listener’s feedback: AI can already sufficiently analyze the music to create his own songs, inspired by human music . And this ability to delve into the heart of things will be crucial for other applications, for example Magenta, Google’s AI, seems to build a very solid understanding necessary for the creation of artificial programmers and even artificial music critics.


The rise of artificial intelligence could completely upset one of the oldest human professions: bookmaker. It’s one thing to forbid card counting at the casino (whether it’s with a biological brain or artificial intelligence) but it’s a completely different problem to restrict random betting. How could an unaided human be able to win a bet in a world where artificial analysts would take into account every shot ever made by a basketball player? Artificial intelligence can build its own data-based predictions or aggregate those of the experts . In any case, we can ask ourselves the future of betting or even activities that require more complex skills, such as poker. In the future, the only time a human can “beat” a machine in a game of chance could be when he plays … a slot machine.

Analyze the policy

At the moment, artificial intelligences are working to discern what is going on in Donald Trump’s mind and to intelligently aggregate his many blunders into a coherent thread of news. With the public’s rebellion against skewed information, it could be easy to slip towards (what would appear to be) a less biased alternative. As always, the Japanese are ahead on the subject of artificial journalists .

Traveling by car

Elon Musk loves to talk about his solo road trips and he does well. By letting people sleep while their cars are driving on the highway, autonomous vehicles avoid having to fly short distances. This is probably the most sought – after advantage of fully autonomous cars , more than the fact that they reduce daily commutes. This could completely change the nature of mid-range travel and enable the creation of a new generation of mobile workers who will literally never need to settle anywhere.

Make traffic jams cool

Today, most people are aware that autonomous cars will significantly reduce the time spent in traffic jams. But when fully autonomous cars arrive on the roads and allow drivers to completely forget the road, it’s a whole new beach of the day that can be used productively. What was a 45-minute obligation to fix the tar will soon look like a 20-minute period during which it will be possible to read a book or chat with friends. In the video above, we can see how engineers are already thinking about how to take advantage of this autonomous vehicle revolution … that has not happened yet.

Get organized

The artificial intelligences like Siri or the new Google Wizard always have a minimum tried to help their users to organize their various appointments. But it’s only recently with the arrival of advanced artificial intelligences that these have really managed to do more than simply remind the user of past appointments. Now, and even more so in the near future, the AI ​​can read and understand your conversations and remove the information needed to organize your agenda. If someone tells you that you should see you next Tuesday after the show you’re going to be together, the machine learning algorithms can analyze these references to understand their meaning and suggest a meeting point at the time you planned.

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