Maintaining your body in everyday life

This is to take into account the body in its entirety and offers him the feeling of good positions.

If you often focus on the sitting position or the one to be adopted when carrying heavy loads, each day is an additional opportunity to work the alignment of the body by stability, stretching and the choice of postures.

In the same way, relieving back pain with yoga , involves strengthening the muscles of the upper body, the work of flexibility and the postures (or asanas) developed.

Yoga, between flexibility and stability

Relieving the ailments of your back means, first and foremost, maintaining it. In everyday life, this activity involves stretching, relaxation, the practice of a soft sporting activity and adopting postures adapted from the survey to the couch.

On this last point, choosing suitable furniture and habits that respect your back can help you.

Chairs that hold the lower back, use of a backpack rather than a purse, proscribe high heels for women and good quality bedding, can help you take care of your back and relieve it.

In this perspective, yoga is a particularly effective ally.

Thanks to the postures that make up this teaching, the one who practices yoga will see the muscles, his back especially but also his whole trunk, strengthen.

This results in a greater balance and a better alignment of the spine, both necessary for the disappearance of the back pain of everyday life.

Working the placement of the pelvis will also help each participant in the yoga class, as part of the relaxation that it brings, to address a full awareness of his body and therefore feel better.

Chase the stress to chase the evils

In order to relieve back pain , it is imperative not to be limited to these. To consider the body and the habits of life in their entirety is primordial.

Relieving the stiffness of the muscles with daily relaxation and meditation exercises, can bring through yoga, both more flexibility, but also more muscle tone.

Finally, know that stress increases back pain and particularly affects back strain. Learning to master it at first and then excluding it from your life more easily through yoga and meditation, you will be entirely beneficial.

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