Shadow Of The Colossus – Best Epic PS4 Game

Originally released on PS2 in 2006, Shadow of the Colossus version 2019 is far from being a simple remake of the game of Fumito Ueda on PS4. Yet, the principle of this epic adventure remains unchanged, always simple but very effective: Ride as far as the eye can see to face sixteen gigantic colossi. Originality of the game: you will have no other enemy to shoot. Neither monsters, nor three-headed snakes, nor evil goblins. Here, everything depends on the direction of the orientation and its ability to adapt to its environment. Once the Colossus is found, the goal is to climb on it by any means and find its weak point in order to eliminate it with the sword. The task may seem easy but it is not because each has its specificity, its strengths and its weaknesses. In addition, the enemy is damn tough , struggling in every way to get rid of your little hero. Thus, it will play ingenuity, patience and perseverance to overcome these giantsthanks to a multitude of techniques  : playing with the sets, fooling the enemy, exploit each opening … The fights are deliberately long, which adds spice to your adventure. A grandiose quest against a background of panting percussions and grandiose orchestrations brilliantly composed by Kow Otani.

Here, the graphics are absolutely breathtaking . In between the play of light, the wind that passes through the grass and the sumptuous landscapes, Shadow of The Colossus is in line with the best PS4 games at the show level . We get lost in the forests and the mountains, we admire the lakes and the vast expanses as far as the eye can see … We could be frightened by the fear of emptiness, but it is not so. Indeed, the few enemies encountered become anecdotal as the beauty of the landscapes subjugates .

Only flats that do not, however, not the whole of the work: movements of the character little changed from the PS2 version and a camera that can disorient the player when he is on the Colossus. Details quickly forgotten when one is immersed in the fabulous adventure Shadow of the Colossus. A must in the ranking of the best epic games on ps4.

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