Traditional and Digital Marketing

Today, the priority of each company is to make themselves known to consumers, but also to position themselves in the still competitive market. As the Internet has grown significantly in recent years, digital marketing tends to be widely used in the marketing strategy of the majority of today’s businesses. However, we must not forget that traditional marketing can be combined with that of digital in a marketing strategy. Indeed, traditional marketing has also adapted to technological advances to be compatible with digital marketing.

Choose the communication medium between the traditional and the digital:

Since the advent of digital marketing, traditional marketing and marketing have been seen as two different marketing strategies that evolve each on their own, in two totally different worlds. Indeed, traditional marketing in general favors direct contact with the customer by using different media (newspapers, magazines, advertising objects, etc.), but in terms of digital marketing, the approach with the customer is done through an intermediary, including the Internet.

As for the current marketing strategy, it is quite possible to combine these two marketing concepts using the appropriate supports. For example, combining the use of an advertising object with a website. The USB key classics like here , but have small computer programs allow for example to open a website when used. Thus, some advertising objects of traditional marketing can generate traffic on sites, a goal of digital marketing. This is one of the many solutions to reinforce the e-reputation of a company or a brand on the Internet, through the use of advertising objects.

Betting on advertising objects that combine digital and traditional marketing:

Advertising objects are one of the most effective ways of communicating the brand or values ​​of a company to its customers or employees. As there are a plethora of models for them, we must know how to use those that are adapted to the strategy adopted. Since it combines traditional marketing and digital marketing , it is recommended to opt for high-tech advertising objects.

With technological advances, particularly in the area of ​​connected objects, both types of marketing have adapted to offer a new combined approach to the marketing strategy used. There are currently several types of connected advertising items that are widely acclaimed by targeted consumers.

In an increasingly connected world, conveying messages through these connected advertising objects has become much easier. Indeed, having a stronger impact on the targets, these advertising objects can be personalized and, moreover, connected. These include connected watches, connected wristbands, connected bluetooth speakers, connected keychains, and more.

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